Thinking About The Moon


When it’s a full moon I am awake through the night.

I struggle to get to sleep and am woken every half hour or so – by the piercing bright light, but more so by an energy that shakes me from my slumber. Everything is electric. Everything is on fire. Everything is amplified.

I love new moons – they are my favourite time of the month. For me, new moons are about calm, happiness and new beginnings – they invite us to make change and feel excited about what the future might hold. But full moons, for me, they are about about something much more complicated.

Full moons are about keeping your eye on something steady, keeping your energy on something good – whatever rocks you, you’ll feel it ten times stronger than normal. If you feel low, you’ll feel really fucking low. Don’t do or say anything in a hurry – emotions are higher than normal and these emotions within you cannot always be trusted.

When we lose balance, when we lose focus, the power of a full moon can bring us to our fucking knees, drag us to depths that we had so easily forgotten. But, no matter what, even though the full moon drives us wild, she reminds us that the cycle continues and we will all always rise again after falling.