Thinking About Time


Time is more valuable than money. I think if more people believed this, actually believed it, the world could be a very different place.

Time is everything. Life moves so fast and if you don’t stop to look around every once in a while, you might miss it – absolute hero Ferris Bueller’s words, not mine.

Time is such an asset. I can’t get my head around how anyone in the entire world could ever dare utter the sentence: “I’m bored”. My dad once said “only boring people get bored” and I love that statement more and more as each day passes. There are so many things that I want to cram into my limited time on earth. Places I want to see, movies I want to watch, books I want to read, just things I want to sit and ponder for hours on end. Things I want to try, experiment with, learn about. How can you EVER be bored?! Ridiculous.

Anyway, the other week I was reflecting on this apparent lack of time and wrote down a list of stuff I wish I had more time to do:

  • Long countryside walks (in new places, old places, anywhere)
  • Watch old movies that have been on my list to see for over a decade
  • More meditation
  • More yoga
  • Reading, much more reading – I’d love to read a book a week
  • Typing poems on my typewriter
  • Sitting aimlessly in a cafe for an entire day reading magazines and drinking coffee with no regard whatsoever for things I have to do or should be doing
  • Growing stuff from scratch (planting my own flowers, fruit and veg)
  • Long baths (I do quite well at this one, actually)
  • Explore new and old music
  • Walk around more galleries and museums
  • Making things, painting, drawing, arts & crafts, recycling furniture, making my own jewellery, crafting courses and workshops
  • Join a book / creative writing club
  • Learn another language (properly)
  • Write a piece of creative writing that’s longer than ten sentences – it’s not a co-incidence that I feel so busy and my poetry is always so short. I started a short story…….

So, I can’t finish that last sentence because it’s embarrassing. I had started to write a story a few months ago and I’ve just navigated away from this blog to go and look at the ‘Last Modified’ date on the file and it’s the 1st November 2016.


I’d better get on with that then.

If I had a pound for every time I said “where is the day / week / month year going?!” I’d be doing all of the above things right now from my luxury mansion where I lie awake all night, un-employed, sipping cocktails and loving life.

I also know that time most certainly moves faster when you try to do too much. I’m very aware of this and have always been adamant that I have a fairly empty diary with some good chunks of time allocated to myself, to doing nothing. I spent my early twenties being one of those people who, “like, literally I haven’t got a single weekend free for 9 months”. It was fun, but exhausting, and I’ve grown out of wanting to cram shit in or run myself into the ground.

I’m 30 next year and this blog was actually begun today with the mission of me wanting to write down 30 things I must actually get around to doing, but it appears I have gone off track.

I must get around to that list.

But first: music, food, bath.