Thinking About Retreating


Tonight I’m packing my (various) suitcase(s) in preparation of disappearing into the woods for 6 days. I’ve spent today tidying the house, catching up on various projects, and I think I’m ready to retreat.

Have you ever just blocked off a period time to do absolutely nothing? In today’s busy ‘YOLO’ world, I find it completely liberating. I blogged earlier this week about feeling the need to cram as much into life as possible, and we all do this with our time off work.

So, earlier this year, me and my mum decided to have a ‘retreat week’, in her cosy Cotswolds house which is nestled between clusters of forestry up a mile long dirt track into the hills. It is not my childhood home but it is home, a peaceful blackspot: 300m-high views across beautiful scenery, no mobile phone signal, horrendous WiFi strength and unlimited chocolate biscuits and champagne.

If you didn’t know, my mum is a professional tarot reader who has been practicing witchcraft the entire of her adult life. I learn something new from her every time we make magic together. She’s also learning bits and bobs from me too – how blogging, vlogging and social media can help share her skills with the world.

The next week is quite structure-less, as all relaxation weeks should be, but there are a few things we’re scheduled to do. The next 150 hours of my life will be spent: sleeping, eating, drinking, chatting, reading, writing, tarot-ing, learning, walking, meditating, chanting, thinking, summoning, channelling, connecting, re-charging, re-focusing and re-connecting.

I’m so excited, you’d think I was getting on a plane tomorrow morning! I’ll no doubt be blogging every day next week but in the meantime, the top of my thinking list is something along the lines of this:

Sometimes we have to retreat from the world in order to see what is right in front of, or within, us.