Thinking About Sisterhood


This week, my mum, a close friend and I formed a spiritual sisterhood.

I’ve always been my mum’s apprentice when it comes to all things occult. She’s gifted me some of her most precious possessions and knowledge from her life-long practice of witchcraft and professional tarot reading.

For the last year, me and my friend have been visiting other tarot readers in the UK and practicing reading for each other. We have a friendship that from day one has been built on daily support and guidance – something we both needed when we met and have now found within each other. So, tarot and the art of advising and guiding, is the perfect hobby for us to share together.

On Sunday, as my mum and friend met for the first time, I wondered what our day of spiritual sharing would bring. As the rain hammered down outside, we shared our ambitions and passions by an open fire, sipped wine and ate home-made bread.

You leave a full day of life-reflection… empowered. Sharing how you feel about your past, present and future, with a small group of people, in a close and cosy atmosphere, can truly be life-changing. It’s not that you’re given all the answers, no… but you feel more equipped to go forward asking the right questions.

We’d blocked off this first sisterhood meeting in our diaries months ago and I had big hopes for it to turn out as something enlightening and uplifting, something that in the future I couldn’t life without. I wasn’t wrong.

Try it for yourself. You don’t even need to have tarot at your fingertips or any shared hobby at all. Just choose a day that works for a small group of you, huddle together through the cold seasons and talk about intentions, dreams and challenges. Where do you find yourself in your life at this present moment? Where do you wish to be this time next year? What are you grateful for? What would you change?

In these small meetings with big intentions, these quiet moments with close sisters, we can find what we’ve been looking for all along.