Thinking About Slow


As the backend of 2017 starts to come into focus (albeit struggling to be seen through the overshadowing cheap glitter of the festive period) I begin to think deeply about what I want to achieve in the year that will follow. 2018 will soon be here and ultimately pass in the blink of an eye, in the quick flutter of summer lavender not long for this earth.

I make resolutions and new ambitions quite regularly throughout life. Those around me roll their eyes – they may see me as fickle, or changing, or inconsistent, or ‘all over the place’. Well, this is how I see it…

Based on the average UK female life expectancy, of which there is no guarantee, I’ve got just 52 years left to experience all that this magical world has to offer. Why would I choose just one goal per year? 52 is not near enough of an allocation considering this vibrant and fulfilling planet we call home. No. One simple annual resolution will not suffice.

Only through a constant re-evaluation and appreciation of my own life will I make the decisions to ensure that I live it in the best way that I possibly can. I’ve only got one shot, this is it.

Take five minutes out with yourself today to ask yourself some questions. How is your life going so far? How has this year in particular treated you? Where are you left at the end of it?

In December 2017, I find myself in a familiar place – one of fullness and fastness. I have so much that I’m grateful for, and brief moments of thankfulness that visit me sporadically bring me such joy. But they are too infrequent, appearing like quick blasts of sun through the clouds on a predominantly bleak day. I bask in their joy for a moment, am distracted, and, then… they are gone.

My goal for 2018… is to seek out these moments. To pause, to reflect, and to enjoy a slowness, from which I believe new things will arise. This will be my year of slow.

What do you wish for your year? If you could pick one word, what would it be?

Now that I’ve decided on my word, I shall use this winter hibernation to plan, to craft, to outline of the next chapter of my story. It hasn’t been written yet, and there’s only one person in the world who owns the pen.

Tonight I am listening to this, and pondering over a text message I just received from my editor telling me that “really, all YOU want to be for the rest of your life, is you”. What’s that thing, about people knowing you better than you know yourself?