Thinking About Thoughts


Yesterday I blogged about the inevitable thoughts that roll around our heads, and how we can deal with them in order to live a more peaceful life.

Post-blogging, I enjoyed: switching my phone off; watching Home Alone 2; eating bolognese and chopping oranges for festive decorations. It felt a guilty waste of food hacking into valuable and tasty fruit just to dry it out and hang it around my house to make it smell nice for Christmas but nah, who cares, it brought me joy. Spicy fruit and nostalgic movies. These are the things that make a blissful Winter.

Slightly less glamorously, I was encouraged to ponder further about thoughts whilst having a wee at the train station tonight before my commute home. After reading a piece in recent copy of one of my favourite magazines (Oh, Comely) about humorous toilet-door graffiti, I decided to closer inspect the walls of this cubicle for the first time on this random Wednesday.

  • Break stigmas – keep talking
  • Please world – I want to get out
  • Art is the weapon
  • You are a child of the universe
  • Love is love
  • Why won’t you text back?
  • Talk less, smile more

And my personal favourite (NOT written by me)…

  • I only came here to take a shit

Such a variety of thoughts decorating this ruined wall – no one more valuable or important than the other. Honest and beautiful evidence that thoughts come in all shapes and sizes, no two brains function the same, and really, we shouldn’t wish the world to be any different. It’s a messy path out there, and we’re all just trying to find our way.

I returned to my question of last night’s blog – is thinking too much, bad for the soul? Without incessant contemplation, we’d get more decorative oranges done. But we’d have less emotionally inked toilet doors to humour over. Should we (I) be thinking less and doing more?

Hmm. I don’t know.

I only came here to ask the questions.