Thinking About 2018


Why do we make resolutions for the new year? I guess the desire to change something about our life – make it more healthy, happy, calm, exciting, whatever – is a natural part of being human and something we all experience. We’re constantly trying to be the very best we can, for ourselves and those around us.

Since October, I’ve been taking part in my own ritual of reflection and intention-setting. For me, the Spring and Summer always seem to fly past in the blink of an eye, and I have Samhain, Halloween, Autumn and Winter to slow down and think about what I want for the rest of my days here on earth.

Around this time every year, I read a New Year Tarot spread for myself to see how I can prepare for what the next twelve months might have in store. I don’t use tarot to tell the future but to see what will / could be, observe how I react to that, and ultimately use that information to determine my own path and change my own future which is not necessarily pre-determined.

The cards confirmed things that I already knew. That 2017 had been a huge year of reflection, of creative adventure and new projects. That I’m learning how to be in the moment. That I’m making changes. The spread also brought new advice, ideas and possibilities. In 2018, I would stand at a crossroads, with an important decision to make. I would see the need for travel, for closure, for lightening up. I would learn how to look after myself.

Various cards in the reading pointed towards planning, intent and decisiveness – they reminded me that – as much as I want to be a drifter, I am not. I have goal-oriented dreams, visions, ambitions, ideas, and without long-term measurable plans and targets, they won’t happen.

The reading reminded me that there is no point whatsoever in just thinking ‘I want this to happen next year’ without actioning those thoughts and setting goals to make sure I reach them. It’s vital to invest emotion, time and energy into really visualising what you want, focusing on it, and taking steps to actually make it realistic, achievable and possible.

2018. Ask, believe and you shall receive. We can all be dreamers, but only some of us will bring those dreams to life.

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