Thinking About Nothing

Wonderful Life

Yesterday, I cuddled kittens and ate vegetable pizza. Today, I removed all of the dead leaves from my garden. I am starting the year as I mean to go on, filling it with good food and silent, stressless productiveness.

I should be telling you about something more meaningful. There are quite a few interesting outstanding topics on my blogging to-do-list.

All it takes is my brain to stand empty for five minutes in the shower and that imaginary list grows pretty quickly. For me, any good creative output only rears its beautiful head in a still atmosphere. One of the reasons I closed my old website and now approach blogging in a completely new way is because that to-do-list can become very damaging, very quickly – to your blog, your words, your soul…

So, rather than worry about when I’ll share those specific posts with you, today, I will blog about… nothing.

The other day I reflected on the importance of setting goals for 2018, of dreaming, of writing your own story. But, let me be clear. Don’t ever mistake these words (dream, ambition, vision, goal, etc.) for a need to push yourself in a way that feels rushed, unnatural or hurtful. Sometimes, striving for nothing, can be a pretty good intention in itself.

I myself will never not have my head in the clouds. I was raised by parents who told me that I could do absolutely anything I put my mind to, and I have never forgotten that. But it’s also taken me three decades to realise the important parameters you must set for yourself if you are – like me – a dreamer.

As well as taking time this month to reflect on the year ahead, I am making time for two other vital things. Firstly, saying well done to myself for how far I’ve come already and what I achieved in 2017. Secondly, enjoying quiet moments of nothing, to remind me that sometimes your dreams are right in front of your eyes.

I watched It’s A Wonderful Life for the first time this Christmas and am hooked on it: sobbing at it, re-watching it, re-thinking about it, and telling everyone who hasn’t, to go and see it. Seriously – do it, do it now.

Anyway (spoiler alert), one of the main messages of the story is that… we all have wild dreams, and sometimes we don’t get to carry them out, but that’s OK. We can spend a lifetime becoming bitter about that world trip we never took or that job we never accepted, but if we stop searching and start living in the moment with the people and things we have around us right now, we will realise that we had true happiness all along.

It’s OK to dream, but we need to keep a close eye on those dreams as time passes. Ensure that they continue to create positive emotions and not negative, whether they are fulfilled or not. Whatever ambitions you’re setting yourself this year, don’t be too hard on yourself if they don’t happen. Plan, yes, but just take one day at a time too. It’s not just about the final destination but how much we’re enjoying the journey (and all that jazz).

My journey today has involved chopping lavender, washing sheets, making quesadillas and tidying my sock drawer. It ain’t the candy-coated stuff that dreams are made of, but it’s still a wonderful life.

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