Thinking About Peace


All of us feel internal discomfort at one time or another.

Over the last few months I’ve been immersing myself in books, documentaries and clips that explore methods for living a meaningful and mindful life.

An ongoing theme throughout is always the importance of making changes within, rather than in your external circumstances. The only time to make internal peace is now. If you’re relying on certain situations to change, don’t. Don’t wait around. Make the change now, within yourself.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little ritual I carry out myself that might help you with letting go and making peace with any inner anxiety.

Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all of the things that currently bring you, have brought you in the past, or might in the future bring you: upset, stress, sadness, anxiety, worry, fear, or any kind of internal turmoil or hurt. Which feelings, people, memories and situations are damaging to your life, your happiness, your peace of mind, your soul and how you see yourself.

Spend five minutes just listing them and looking at them, acknowledging what they are.

Now is the important bit. Look up from the list, close your eyes and decide that NOW, today, this exact moment, will be the moment you will tear away from having any internal negative feelings about these things. Just let them go.

Tear up the paper and either burn it or throw it away. Burning is better if you can!

When any of these worries or feelings try to crop up in the future, remember the image of this paper – a black, burnt scroll which used to encompass all of your worries but is now nothing more than forgotten ash that’s drifted off into the wind. These internal feelings no longer exist in the real world or inside your mind. They are no longer your worries, they are gone, and not part of your present existence and happiness.

You have now made peace with all of these things, and can now begin to finally live your life.