Thinking About My Mummy


When I saw that Chicken Soup For The Soul was looking for new stories to appear in its upcoming book about the connection we have to our mothers… I had written and submitted a story within 30 minutes.

Apparently they received thousands of submissions and I am so excited to have been chosen (insert lots of giddy emojis). My personal story will appear with others in the upcoming collection of stories released this March (2018).

My entry in the book is a true story (as are all Chicken Soup submissions). I’ve written about why – in 2009 – I realised that my mum had a strong spiritual connection to me… one that allowed her to predict, support and understand my own life, more than I could myself.

On the back of my neck I have the words of Polonius (Hamlet), ‘This above all – To thine own self be true’, tattooed on my skin. Almost a decade ago, a really spooky series of events led me to work for one of the largest Shakespeare organisations in the world, move my entire life to Stratford-upon-Avon and at the age of 21, realise that there was one woman in the world that would be by my side through it all. It’s not Shakespeare who reminds me to trust my intuition, but her.

You’ll have to read my full story if you want to know more about those events – I will share more when the book is released later this year. For now, all I can say is – mum, what would I do without you?