Thinking About How The Universe Has Your Back


I can’t believe I’m writing another blog that begins with “this week, I have been ill”.

This week, I have been ill. Again. My immune system appears to be on a permanent vacation, and I have returned from my mini-break in Iceland with various ailments.

Bur rather than me talk about why I am not feeling 100% (which, quite frankly, I am bored of doing), I’ll just insert an energetic holiday snap of me swanning around in Icelandic thermal baths and use today’s blog to tell you something much more interesting and upbeat.

See. PMA. And all that.

So, I’ve been vegetating all week and yesterday, my good friend Angharad accompanied me in said vegetation. We’re both quite philosophical and spending time together often results in some sort of deep reflection about our journeys here on this spinning planet.

This month, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the teachings of spiritual coach Gabby Bernstein, who shares practical advice and meditations to allow you to connect to the universe with love and compassion. It’s a lot deeper than that really, you’ll have to check her out yourself to explore more (I recommend reading her 2016 book The Universe Has Your Back).


In a recent Soul Sessions video, explaining her theory around the universe having your back, Gabby says:

“Ask for a sign. We are always in communication with the universe. The universe is always giving us messages, it’s just that we’re not listening. When we ask we will always receive, it’s the law.”

Yesterday, Angharad and I were talking about what we’ve taken from Gabby’s philosophies. We talked about our own spiritual journeys, where we see ourselves in the future and what versions of ourselves we want to create and focus on.

We also talked about inspiring others. We both like to use our social media accounts to share words and thoughts that might resonate with others. This got me thinking about how we both inspire and support one other – the universe has my back, yes, but so does this human being beside me and that’s worth just as much.

I was blabbering on about something to this effect yesterday, gazing out of the window at the fountain below, and suddenly yelped: “Ah! Look, look, a rainbow!”.

Where the sun met the water below, a rainbow was beginning to form, slowly stretching and growing over the course of a few minutes, as we both sat there in silence with our mouths open. “A sign,” said Angharad.

We sat back in silence. If this rainbow was my sign, what did it signify? Pursuing a dream? A new horizons, new hope or – better yet – a pot of gold?! JK.

I think for now, my rainbow was there to tell me one thing, and one thing only, and it’s all I need right now…

The universe has my back.