Thinking About Rapeseed

Rapeseed 3.jpg

It’s snowing outside but I’m officially in spring mode and ready the flowers to return.

This month is our home anniversary. We’ve lived in the Warwickshire countryside for exactly a year, which means I now have a full four seasons to look back and reflect on. In today’s blizzard, the rapeseed field behind our house is well and truly empty, and I’ve forgotten what it looked like to be buzzing with life. Finding old photos of last summer has jogged my memory and made me excited for its return.

Looking back at old nature snaps today has also reminded me that I never shared my wild words with you all. I went to a workshop in Autumn ran by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – we were encouraged to think about the language of the natural world and how in our digital age it’s being lost, especially with younger generations living in cities.

After various discussions, we got down to writing. This was my haiku, which I wrote thinking about how much I love my garden and the fields that surround it:

this home on the edge
where fresh rapeseed meets new brick
here, i reconnect

It may only been fourteen words, but they’ve brought a smile to my cold cheeks on this quiet and snowy Tuesday.

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