Thinking About Focus


Focus on your own shit. This is the theme of today.

So far, this year for me has been about self-care and making changes in my life so I can prioritise my physical and mental health. One of those changes has been my realisation that I need to start exercising again. Running and yoga used to be regular rituals for me and it can’t be a coincidence that as they’d faded out of my life due to feeling busy, I’ve felt shitter.

So, this morning, I went running up the canal. It’s rained pretty violently for the last few days and the ground is also still slippery from the recently melted snow. I was jumping over puddles and trying the best I can to stay upright – I like a good challenge like this when I’m navigating the outdoor world… it makes me actually concentrate on everything around me and where I am going.

When I pass another person, in the middle of nowhere on a rainy Thursday where other souls aren’t to be seen, I will nod / smile / wave / say hello / all of the above. I passed a man this morning and offered a combination of these greetings and was given a sombre look but nothing in return. This is a regular occurrence, and so I rolled my eyes and looked behind me as he passed. Why did so many people find it do difficult to just be welcoming and polite in return?

In taking my focus off the path, I quickly lost my step. My right foot slid on a mound and I fell flat on my right side – hurting my ass, my leg and my wrists (as they attempted to support the fall). I stood up with a soaking side and yelped ‘ow’ pretty loudly, I continued to walk on and smiled at what had just happened.

What a metaphor for the importance of focusing on your own shit. If I’d kept my gaze on where I was treading and not on the seemingly rude person that passed me by, I wouldn’t have tripped so aggressively and suddenly.

Rather than getting annoyed by those around you, just let any negative emotions go. Before anything else, look at what you’re doing. In a world that revolves around spying on each other online, it’s hard to not be glaring at what everyone else is doing and often judging their actions (unfairly, might I add – the guy in question could have been an introvert or had a lot on his mind),

This has been a very quickly-written blog but I need to go and focus on my own shit which, for me right now, means cleaning the mud off my bruised ass.

Today I am coincidentally listening to: