Thinking About My Sticky Forehead And The Sunshine


I’m sunning myself, detoxing from digital, and getting new tattoos.

I’m currently experimenting with not using my personal social media sites for one month. At the moment I spend up to 5 (*coughs* it’s actually more like 8 *coughs*) hours per day on my phone and am really intrigued to document the results of me not logging on to particular apps daily. Don’t mistake me, I don’t want to live a completely social-media-free life at the end of this experiment but I am aware that these platforms are designed to be addictive and after almost ten years using social media sites and working in social media marketing, I am without doubt, an addict.

I want to use these tools efficiently, want to share and see things that are valuable for me. I want to be part of the digital realm yet remain entirely present in the physical one. So, I am going to be documenting the next month in my paper diary and then sharing the learnings when I return, hopefully with a new, refreshing mindset on how I can best connect to and disconnect from (when necessary) this unreal social sphere.

This month is going to be one of the most exiting and memorable of my entire lifetime as I reach some important milestones, so this technological detox is even more challenging and juxtaposed with, of course, new reflective milestone-marking tattoos, from the incredible Lydia Amor (Black Market Tattoos, Leicester) who specialises in hand-poke (machine-free) tattooing. After taking a mini-tattoo break after my back was completed in January, I knew it would be Lydia that would break my tattoo detox stretch – I love everything she creates and after she tattooed my boobs last summer I was desperate to return for more. Today, I am the proud new owner of some small pattern-work on my chest/neck and two dots on my forehead.

The latter (perhaps controversial – depending on who you are – face tattoo) I have so much to say about: why women (and men) tattoo their mugs and why it’s really no-one’s decision but ours. I’ll be talking about this in my Skin Deep Magazine column (issue 291, out in a month).

In the meantime, it’s glorious today so I am off outside, phone-less, full of freedom, basking in both the sunshine and the glow of my new momentous markings.

Today I am listening to: