Thinking About My New Camera

New Camera.jpg

Today I’ve been playing around with my new toy, a 1962-64 Kodak Auto Colorsnap 35 camera.

This new present, juxtaposed with my current social media detox, has left me very much in the real world. I’ve just returned from a birthday weekend exploring Copenhagen – the sun was shining, my iPhone was sleeping in the hotel and I was stumbling around underground craft ale bars snapping a grand total of one digital photos whilst I was there. There are a lot of memories still to sink in from my trip away and I’m loving doing that tech-free.

Before I went away, the process of taking my camera out for its first spin resulted in an experience quite different from one in which I’d played out the whole thing on my Instagram Story. I have a lot more to say about this but in the meantime wanted to share my first result with you, above – grey morning clouds in all their un-filtered glory.

I took this cloudy photo a week ago but obviously have been waiting excitedly for the film to be developed, opening the packet this morning with anticipation to see if I’ve been using the settings correctly. It wasn’t bad for a first attempt!

I’m also going to be using my new camera for a new typewriter art project in which I am going to mix this film photography with my typewriter words and see what happens.

This might look like a blurry, pointless picture of the sky but I think is perfect for this, my first analogue blog, as it successfully captures my newfound desire to look up.

In more repetitive news, I’ve had this song playing the entire day. I suggest you insert it into your ears and do a dance at around 2:16…