Thinking About The Sun

The Sun.jpg

My skin is burnt from the weekend sun. I wish it could be this hot every single day. We’ve waited so long for this and it feels so good.

The good weather has given me the perfect environment for more play-time with my new toy – my vintage Kodak analogue camera. Yesterday I had a go at creating some manual light-leaks on my film and am so happy with the result.

I have fallen in love with the above photo which hasn’t been filtered or edited in any way at all. It captures the moment that I stumbled upon these bluebells amongst the trees behind our house, how I quickly opened the back of the camera and snapped it shut again, how the simmering heat of a warm weekend cheekily snuck its way into my photo. I’ve also fallen in love with experimenting with double exposure – taking one photo directly on top of another, i.e. not winding the film on before you shoot again.

But above all else, I’m falling the most in love with the entire ethos of analogue photography. I’m enjoying leaving the house without my iPhone. I’m enjoying getting completely lost in the creative process, its organic and raw nature and the exciting opportunities it throws my way.

For the first time (ever?) in my life as a digital sharer I am not filtering photos or using any apps to capture or process them. I’m getting to know the ladies at the local photo shop. Taking photos is no longer about capturing my life in a way that looks a certain way to the outside world, but about capturing it in the purest and most honest, pure sense possible.

Tonight some of these honest creations have been made into new typewriter artworks. If they capture anyone’s attention, they will be given new homes and I will have the pleasure of passing these moments on to other people just looking for a bit of sun.