Thinking About Sun-Printing

Sun Printing.png

As the weather continues to roast my skin (in a good way), I decide to take advantage of the sun as a creative tool.

I haven’t experimented with sun-print paper for years and had forgotten how fun it is! Today I have created four artworks using nothing but sun and the paper provided that’s designed to change colour in bright daylight.

It’s so simple – you place the flower or leaf (or whatever) on the sun-print paper, leave it for a few minutes in the hot sun, rinse off with water and once dry, you are left with beautiful, blue imprint of your chosen object.

As you can see above I’ve captured the shape of (in order): bluebells, a bunch of lavender, aster and flowering rapeseed. I’d like to buy some better quality paper in the future and try to achieve a real dark blue with white imprint which is how it’s supposed to look. If you have no idea what sun-print paper is, ask Mr Google, he’ll give you a proper guide or at least something more useful than I have.

I am also glad the weather has been so kind because I have been taking some time off work these last few weeks. Creating sun-prints and new typewriter pieces in the spring fresh air is pure heaven, I wish I could do this everyday, but when I return from my holiday (commencing on Saturday, woohoo) I really need to get my head back in the real world. As much as I’d love to spend my day with the bluebells it doesn’t help pay our mortgage.

But, you never know, maybe one day it will. Master the best technique in the perfect conditions and you never know what kind of colourful print you’ll leave on the world.

In very off-topic news, after achieving the impossible and actually getting tickets to Biffy’s acoustic gig in Birmingham this September, this is currently on repeat in our house: