Three Chapters

The beginning. Nothing. A vast sea of nothing, so overwhelming it cannot really be described. And then, just like that, there is something. This is – you. There is an empty case where your heart will grow. It starts to vibrate with a force, the force of everything and everyone that went before. Their energy is now yours. This is your body, your glow, your liquid, your home. This is where you are, now. This is your world and you can do anything with it.

Life follows. Your heart now drums. You find yourself in this bluey-green chamber, a space that is simultaneously empty and crowded. Day follows night and night follows day and you come to realise that this is how it is. This is where you are, now. Other specks of light come and go – they struggle to navigate but illuminate your spaces nonetheless. As time moves forward most of them fade to black. This chapter seems both the shortest and the longest. It can ache and relieve, burn and embrace, evaporate and be still, all at once.

We finish at the end, a most complex and unusual place. A place dictated by silence, a place in which the loudest of screams cannot be heard. There was something and then, just like that, there is nothing. Energies escape the body like worms that scurry around in the soil, searching for a new place to live. You no longer belong. That was – you. There is nothing. All that is left to do is drift.