Thinking About Beaches And Bamboo

Bali 22.jpg

I’m still dreaming of beaches, although they are starting to feel like a lifetime ago.

I came back from Bali with, not just sand in my knickers but, an appreciation for the beauty of bamboo. I was keen to re-kindle my friendship with the difficult bamboo trees outside our front door, of which there are four and due to their requiring so, so much water each day, shed leaves all over the place.

My new-found love was short-lived and by Monday I’d chopped all four trees down in what was one of the most physically challenging endeavours of my lifetime.

I cannot describe how bad I feel about this, but they really were becoming hard to look after, growing too big for the little space, and were taking up the only tiny corner of our entire home that gets sunlight all day, meaning I knew I should really use their space to grow something else. Maybe one day even veg. Also, I am no expert but, seeing how bamboo thrived in Indonesia’s warm and wet tropical climate I just don’t think it’s the perfect plant for the conditions of the grey U.K.

So. After 48 hours, 2 new gardening tools, 8 sacks of rubble, 1 broken pot and 3 trips to the tip later… they were gone. I’ve kept a tiny little stem in a pot in my office to see if I can keep just a little bit of the beast. This made my partner happy as he said it looks like Groot circa Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 sitting there all tiny and alone and cute in the corner having been such a huge thing previously.

The front garden has now been replaced with two different types of lavender, rosemary and climbing honeysuckle. It’s not quite climbing yet but it has already made excellent progress in the last seven days and sprouted lots of new shoots, albeit small ones. There’s no rush. When you plant seeds, part of the fun is that you have to wait patiently for them to grow.