Creating A Plastic-Free Bathroom

Plastic Bathroom.jpg

Earlier this month I blogged about some goals me and my partner have set ourselves this year to reduce our plastic use, and therefore waste.

After spending 30 minutes in the heaven that is my local Lush store, I am happy to present, our new plastic-free bathroom, on one single plate, in just 4 simple items.


I did purchase humungous bars (and everything is calculated by weight) so this lot cost around £26.

This might seem expensive but previously: I bought quite high quality shampoo and conditioner (about £7 a bottle); we both used roll-on deodorants that were approx. £3; and we used fortnightly bottles of shower gel (a quid each). So, I would have spent near to £26 per month on topping up these four items, plus it’s worth paying a little bit extra for various reasons.

Firstly, I’m anticipating that this lot takes us through a few months at least, as soap lasts for ages and you’re not inclined to use too much like when squeezing out of a bottle. Secondly, you’re paying for the quality of natural, hand-made stuff – you can trust the processes and natural ingredients that go into making Lush products (visit their site to read about their many policies if you don’t know why they’re such a great company to buy from). And thirdly, a few extra quid to have no packaging or waste whatsoever is worth it!

Here are some recent blogs on the Lush website which provide interesting further reading, if you don’t already know why plastic is a disease that the world needs to work to wipe out: