Thinking About Waiting For The Harvest

Quiet Moments 2

I have never said this sentence in my entire life but I am already pumped for summer to be over.

As a sun-junkie, I spend most of the cold months devoid of energy, praying for the light to return, but these last few scorching months have taken their toll on both my poor garden and my ability to work comfortably in my home office without needing three showers a day. I’m not going to wish the time away though – the rain will come, it always does.

This weekend, the wheat behind our house is being harvested (early because of the dry weather) and I’m already excited to see what’s going to be growing in the field next year. Rumour has it that we’re expecting sheep, which would be awesome! But inevitably sad, as someone who doesn’t eat lamb, to see the lambs eventually disappear from their mummies.

The good thing about these summery nights is that I have been able to take part in cool stuff outside, i.e. the things pictured in this article. Last month the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust ran a wild outdoor yoga session – a group of us went into the depths of the local nature reserve, we felt our feet on the woodland floor, took a deep breath of clean forest air and spent an hour and a half working our bodies as the sun set behind us and little wild rabbits bounced near our mats. It was the coolest exercise I’ve ever taken part in – who needs gyms when you can do things like this?!

Speaking of cool things, final piece of gossip for the day – my mum is about to have some ‘work’ exhibited in an upcoming showcase at the Ashmolean museum, Spellbound. I use the word ‘work’ in inverted commas because what she has in fact donated to the museum is an old engraved spirit stick which she found in the walls of our house years ago when we were decorating. We grew up in our family hotel which my stepdad owned, a Grade II listed 16th century historic house… meaning she used to unearth weird witchy shit all the time, including an old priest hole behind a bookcase in her office. Yes, hide and seek was FUN as a kid. So, check that out if it’s up your street.

Right. I’m off to sit in the shade and type, and get a good old inhale of the smell of wheat for the last time this year. I’m sure I will miss it when it’s gone.

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