Bursting To Come Out


I think the most interesting blogs are the ones that tell stories.

In today’s world, it’s so easy for bloggers to post a quick photo on social media. I have come to realise that anything worth tasting takes time, and is cooked slowly, with care, attention and soul.

In order to tell the most valuable and honest tales, I choose to reject the concept of ‘instant’ and live slowly in what is becoming a very fast lane.

My approach to blogging ensures that I actually experience life in the moment before I send it off to be developed. This is achieved by my two main commitments:

  1. To utilising analogue technologies, sharing only un-edited, un-filtered film photography on this blog. I don’t capture moments of my life using digital cameras or smartphones and don’t make alterations to photos with apps or software. The photos shared on this website have been taken either on a Kodak Colorsnap 35 Auto (c. 1964), a more modern disposable camera or a FujiFilm Instax.
  2. To refuse to share this blog content on any personal social media sites or apps, as I find the quick ‘snap, filter and post’ approach lazy, un-engaging, damaging and not as valuable as more coherent and thought-out blogs and stories. Read more about my anti-social media approach here.

By disconnecting from our current obsession with constantly being online, relentlessly and immediately filtering our lives for others, I am able to re-connect to the real world, fully absorb myself in it, eventually writing what I believe to be more considered and organic narratives and reflections.


I also like to embrace analogue technology with my writing, and create mixed-media art and stationery products using a 1950s Imperial Good Companion typewriter. I sell hand-made pieces at events and create custom work for weddings and events, all under my business Say It With Type.


The Analogue Blogger is Rebecca Givens – I am an award-winning writer and blogger based in Warwickshire, UK.

As well as blogging, I write poetry, flash fiction and short stories and am currently working on my first novel. A collection of my poetry Thoughts for Quiet Moments was released this year.

I am a columnist and features writer for Skin Deep, the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine, and have previously contributed to other tattoo publications such as Tattoo Master and Tattoodo. I have represented the tattoo industry for the likes of BBC Radio Four, BBC Three and Stylist Magazine as well as taken part in various photoshoots. My previous website (Inkluded), on which I wrote over 400 blogs about tattoos, received over a million hits in three years and in 2017 was awarded a UK Blog Award. The website has now closed and a selection of the blogs will be available later this year in a print collection.

I also have a decade’s experience in arts marketing having previously worked at Soho Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe. I now work on short-term freelance projects and specialise in writing online editorial and copy.


Thoughts For Quiet Moments
A selection of reflective thoughts and poems to be appreciated in quiet moments.



2017 UK Blog Awards: Arts & Culture Winner
For blogging in the tattoo industry

2018 Visit Holland Awards: Outstanding Article of the Year
For blogs that explored the tattoo scene in Rotterdam